[NTLK] Next followup on EM300 and SER-001 boards

"Piotrowski Paweł (Newton)" newton at indigi.co.uk
Tue Aug 28 15:46:49 EDT 2018

Hi Frank,

> On 27 Aug 2018, at 23:08, NewtonTalk <newtontalk at pda-soft.de> wrote:
> The SER-001 board is a different story. Since a handful of people on this
> list have reported cracked case parts after having had this board in their
> Newtons for a longer time, chances are good that the additional 0.2mm
> thickness would aggravate this problem. Having this board manufactured in
> its original thickness of 0.8mm is almost 7 times more expensive than the
> 1mm PCB-Pool version, which isn't really an option at the moment. Although,
> admittedly, I'm stinking rich, I'm not going to shell out 600 bucks for five
> prototype boards that, provided I can turn them into working SER-001 boards,
> can be sold at 40 bucks apiece at most.
> I still have a couple of unpopulated SER-001s board from David that I could
> try to populate once I've saved enough for my reflow soldering equipment. I
> also have three brand-new originally sealed SER-001 boards from my own
> supply that I can (and very much would like to) sell. So for the time being
> I guess I can dare putting the SER-001 project on hold without jeopardizing
> the satisfaction of the worldwide SER-001 demand.

I must admit that I’m not sure if I understand. You need to pay $600 for 5 boards?

That link which I sent you: You have 10 boards (0.8mm) for $12 + shipping cost… So, why you want pay $600 when you can pay $12?


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