[NTLK] Next followup on EM300 and SER-001 boards

Hendrik Lipka hli at hendriklipka.de
Tue Aug 28 13:42:15 EDT 2018

> The not-so-good news is that they cannot manufacture 0.8mm boards with their
> PCB-Pool system. PCB-Pool means they won't manufacture only your boards,
> but group the boards of many customers in a way that they can be
> manufactured together as one huge board, which reduces production cost
> drastically. The thinnest boards they can manufacture with that system are
> 1mm.

jlcpcb.com can manufacture in 0.8mm thickness. They seem to be one of the 
cheapest manufacturers currently, yet they get good reviews. (I just ordered 
my first boards there, but need to wait a little bit until they arrive)


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