[NTLK] Followup eMate memory upgrade boards

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Wed Aug 29 21:37:17 EDT 2018

> How about accepting donations now? I'd really like to see you go forward
with this. 
> If I didn't make this clear enough earlier: my intention is to fund your
> not buy a product. I expect nothing other in return than you continuing
with what 
> you do now (albeit investing less of your own money).

Again, thanks for the offer.

My problem with donations is that deep in my heart I feel I do not deserve
any. I'm lucky enough to have a job that feeds the family quite well. I even
could (although I wouldn't) afford paying 600 bucks for five prototype


The very night my offspring was born, I decided to stop using a single cent
of the income that feeds the family on my... err... hobbies. Ever since that
day, everything that has the word "Newton" or "eMate" in it had to pay for
itself. Surprisingly, this has worked out quite well over the last two
decades. But occasionally it required taking risks. Like spending money on
making a board that you are unlikely to sell more than 20 times at most. Or
buying a huge box of memory cards of which you know you'll need at least a
decade to resell them all.

In a nutshell, everything related to the Newton part of my life can only
take place after I have saved enough money to buy what I need. That's what
made me so angry when I found out these boards were too thick. If Beta
Layout had insisted on payment, this would have set me back a couple of
weeks. Demand for Newton repairs, battery rebuilds and Newton hardware sales
is not so big that I could compensate such a loss at short notice.

That being said: If people really WANT to donate, it might be unfair to keep
them from doing it! After all, there's still that "Donate" button, somewhat
hidden at the bottom of my web site's start page:


But, again: Please be ABSOLUTELY aware that you will not donate because I'm
poor. On the contrary: Your money will end up with someone who is
comparatively well off. Someone whose projects only take so long because he
keeps his regular income away from the Newton part of his life.


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