[NTLK] Battery Sled

Doug Denby ddenby at rogers.com
Thu Aug 30 09:16:31 EDT 2018

This is a message directly aimed at Frank in Germany.

Recently I saw a message indicating that you had a supply of battery sleds for the OMP and the Sharp version. I sent you a message via your website eMail program, but obviously it got lost in transmission.

I am interested in purchasing one of your OMP sleds and willing to pay a reasonable figure for it via Paypal. You noted in the message that you are willing to sell them. I am anxious to purchase but understand that shipping costs need to be covered. So, I am just outside Toronto, Ontario Canada. That information should allow you to find the shipping costs.

Please contact me off-line with the costs and i will submit forthwith.

I had an original Sharp version, purchased when they first became available. It worked wonderfully, but in my zeal, I sold it to a co-worker and upgraded to a 120 and then a 130. I now have 2100’s and upgraded 2000’s along with several cards, including that elusive one that projects the Newton screen onto a Video Monitor. Some call me a collector. This led me to purchase another Sharp pad a couple of years ago, that turned out ot have a damaged battery sled. I have tried repairing it several times, but my repairs do not last. I need an original battery sled for my Sharp pad.

Doug Denby
DDenby at Rogers.com

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