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William James whjames67 at yahoo.com
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Ahhhhh Dennis, the  answer is, all of the above! But shouldn't we have a base? I'm all for English, German, Russian, French, etc......, just give me a base that everyone can understand. Give me a base where all the acronyms or initializations, do not exist and we can all communicate on the same level. Sadly, people take it for granted that people have communicated by acronyms for years, that is not the case. They have come about in the last fifteen years. Yes there were acronyms before, but (most people)  only communicated by these  in limited military circles or niche online communities.

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Ah, but then the next question becomes WHICH version of English? Limiting
the list to the MAJOR versions in alphabetical order: American (U.S.)?
Australian? British? Canadian? New Zealand? And that doesn't even take into
account the most prevalent word here is not English but Canadian French:

Dennis B. Swaney

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On Thu, Feb 1, 2018 at 10:18 AM, "Piotrowski Paweł (Newton)" <
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> > On 1 Feb 2018, at 01:42, William James <whjames67 at yahoo.com> wrote:
> >
> > What is ICYMI? Why can't people responding, just use English? Of course
> I realize using English poses a problem to the Newton fans who speak Greek
> or another language, but at the same time, why the silly acronyms? We are
> losing the ability to communicate by adapting every "Silly ass FAD" that
> comes down the line! Have I really been subscribing to a group of people
> who are nothing but teenage girls punching out messages about their
> terrible salad on yelp?
> >
> >
> > I would expect the cursing and bickering from the Mac community ( the
> mainly child driven 68k MLA, although there are genesis there ), but not
> from the Newtons? There are some great people on the 68k  mla, but they are
> few and far between! Newtons have always been pretty much in the grounded
> universe!
> > Can we get a consensus here?
> English is not my first language and I’m not fluent (I do not have
> language skills). I’m doing my best with language. I'm also happy when
> someone correct me if I do some mistakes. I like to learn :)
> Best regards,
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