[NTLK] Moosefuel hits Cowtown

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Hi Forrest,

I’ve never tried Poutine, but I can imagine how good it can taste (I must try do it) :)

About your conversation: I can understand that you can be disappointed with the reaction of people, but I think it is mater of taste. I live in Scotland, where Black Pudding and Haggis are national dish. There is a lot of people who just love those things. But most of the people from outside making big eyes when they find out what is inside :) I tried Haggis - not really tasty, but I will never even try to smell Black Pudding…

Ps. Swedes have a sweet cream cace with salted herrings inside. Some Swiss eat dogs :)


> On 3 Feb 2018, at 18:01, Forrest <newton_phoenix at mindspring.com> wrote:
> “And in the end, a packet of St Hubert dehydrated gravy, Kraft slices, and McDonald’s fries, because that’s all you can get in Cowtown.”
> Ugh. Say it isn’t so.
> I have a recent addition to my extended family through marriage of a young man from the Land of the Maple Leaf...the Great White North, if you will. Shortly after meeting him a while ago, the conversation turned to poutine.
> (DISCLAIMER: I have never had poutine; although I am certain that, based on what I have heard here, I would love it and am anxious to try it. While I am no Anthony Bordain, I pride myself in enjoying many cuisines, including Hawai’ian, Cajun, Vietnamese, and of course general menus of Asian, Italian and Mexican origin...and of course the good ol’ American Cheeseburger.)
> I only know about poutine from what all you fine folks here have told me, and my subsequent Internet searches.)
> Me: So what’s all this fuss I hear about Poutine?
> Jason: Ummmm....
> Lauren: (his new wife—from Toledo, Ohio—and the niece of my wife) Poutine? What that?
> Me: It’s supposed to be yummy. (I then describe it to her.)
> Jason: It’s okay.
> Me: *eyebrows raised* That’s it? Just okay?
> Jason: Yeah.
> Me: *Stares in disbelief*
> Jason: I mean, I liked it and all. I’d...just rather have French fries...from, like, McDonald’s, or something.
> Me: *making excited gestures with my hands* Let me see your passport. Are you really from Canada? Born and raised?
> Jason: Yup. I just don’t see the big deal we Canucks make about it.
> Me: *jaw drops* Really.
> Mahalo,
> Forrest
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>> On Jan 27, 2018, at 10:52 AM, Andrei Chichak <newton at chichak.ca> wrote:
>> And in the end, a packet of St Hubert dehydrated gravy, Kraft slices, and McDonald’s fries, because that’s all you can get in Cowtown.
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