[NTLK] [FT] MP2100 for eMate

Keith Richtman keith at richtman.net
Mon Feb 12 12:28:55 EST 2018

I have a MP2100 I bought 8 years ago that I'm clearly not going to use. 
As incredible as the technology is, I shouldn't keep it in a closet just 
to gawk at every few years.

So, I have a MessagePad 2100, AA battery holder, power adapter, stylus, 
and one Newton (but not this Newton) card slot filler. No interconnect 
dongle, no case, no keyboard, no 2010 patch. The case is not badly 
scratched or worn with the exception of a crack from a speaker hole to 
the IR window.

I'd like to trade for an eMate, preferably already setup with a 
Wifi/Ethernet/USB-Serial-adapter so I have a way to load packages. I am 
ok with doing the hinge fix myself and ok with a dead battery, but would 
prefer not.

[I had an MP2000 in high school 20 years ago which was stolen, and a 
MP2000u a few years later in college, neither quite satisfied my 
technology needs at the time either. I am hopeful that my kids and I 
would get more use out of an eMate.]


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