[NTLK] Looking for people participating in making a Newton song for Noah's film

Tom Zahm tpzahm at newted.org
Fri Feb 16 21:23:31 EST 2018

I had the same problem.

> On Feb 16, 2018, at 6:14 PM, Sonny Hung <sonnyhung at gmail.com> wrote:
> Frank,
> This is such an intriguing idea.
> I’ve been listening to the original song.
> Been trying to see how the timing to sing it to those lyrics go but I’m having trouble.
> Pulled out my guitar and played the song and even tried singing while listening to a you tube rendition of the original. Can’t say that the timing for me is anywhere decent.
> Wish I could listen to some else singing the Newton version.
> Just wondering has anyone else tried it out?
> Sonny
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>> On Feb 12, 2018, at 6:19 PM, NewtonTalk <newtontalk at pda-soft.de> wrote:
>> Hi gang, most of you will probably remember that Noah has recently dug out
>> Avi Drissman's text that is based on the Don McLean song "American Pie".
>> Quote:
>>> secondly does anyone want to sign/play guitar this
>>> and record it to include in the film?
>> Since the response so far has been somewhat less than overwhelming, one
>> could also say nonexistent, I had an idea that I discussed with Noah. It
>> would be a really cool thing if this could become a joint effort of
>> musically inclined list members. For one, it would be much more fun.
>> Moreover, one's own imperfections would be much less noticeable if one was
>> singing or playing along with as many people as possible.
>> Of course this will only work if people sing or play, at least to the best
>> of their ability, on the same beat and in the same key. This is why I have
>> searched for a Karaoke track that is all instrumental. This was much more
>> difficult than expected, because most contain parts of the original lyrics
>> sung by a choir. But here is an all instrumental one:
>> <https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7Qp7JIelAP8>
>> The same beat and the same key, however, aren't sufficient. People will also
>> need to work with the same text. Below is Avi's text after some marginal
>> modifications by yours truly. I made these modifications because we are now
>> 20 and not one year after the Newton's demise, because I find "the day the
>> Newton died" easier to sing than "the day that Newton died", because Newtons
>> will NEVER die, and because I wanted to format the text so that the lines
>> will better match the text in the Karaoke track, making it easier to stay on
>> beat.
>> I will probably provide a guitar track within the next couple of days, so
>> maybe in the final product we won't need the Karaoke track at all and thus
>> get around potential copyright problems. The good news is that if you base
>> your recording on this karaoke track, it will still be usable with my guitar
>> track, since that'll be based on the Karaoke track, too. Maybe I will also
>> provide a voice track. That'll depend on whether I'll have a day next week
>> when I am alone in the house for a couple of hours, and whether at that time
>> I'll have enough Single Malt Whisky nearby to help myself to some liquid
>> Dutch courage.
>> Whoever feels inclined to participate singing or playing an instrument: It
>> would be cool if you could do a recording WITHOUT the Karaoke track (that'll
>> make mixing things together much easier) and send it off-list to Noah and
>> me. Of course, if you know someone who could improve this soon-to-be Newton
>> song of the century even more: Why not invite him to join, even if he or she
>> is not a list member! I am sure his or her name will appear in Noah's film,
>> which will practically guarantee lifelong fame.
>> Also, if anybody out there has the skill and the software for mixing musical
>> tracks, please drop me a line. I think I could do it using Audacity on a PC,
>> but I have never done stuff like that before. Noah could probably do it
>> using GarageBand, but my impression is that he isn't an audio mixing expert,
>> either.
>> So: Don't be shy! Most people sing better than they are aware of. And I
>> promise that in the unlikely case that your recording sucks, it will not be
>> used. Just make sure not to wait too long. If I remember correctly, the film
>> is supposed to be released at the end of February.
>> Cheers
>> Frank
>> Ah, almost forgot: Here's the lyrics.
>> A long, long time ago,
>> I can still remember
>> how Apple used to make me smile.
>> And I knew 
>> if I gave them a chance,
>> that they would make my Newton dance,
>> improve, enhance its elegance and style.
>> But February made me shiver
>> with every press release delivered.
>> Newton Inc. was gutted;
>> Newsgroups all were flooded.
>> I can't remember if I cried
>> when I saw the power Steve Jobs plied.
>> And something touched me deep inside
>> the day the Newton died.
>> So,
>> Bye, bye, Newton Inc., Newton PIE.
>> Drove down to Cupertino but the brain trust was dry.
>> Yet loyal users look you straight in the eye. 
>> Saying "I'll use it 'till the day that I die", 
>> "I'll use it 'till the day that I die".
>> Read Defying Gravity,
>> Newtons are not Macs and not PCs.
>> Do gut feelings tell you so?
>> Now do you ignore opinion polls?
>> Is your Newt wired to your soul?
>> And can you take Rosetta being real slow?
>> Well I saw the smile on your lips
>> when up came a cool solar eclipse.
>> Your words spoke for us all,
>> "Man, I'm havin' quite a ball!"
>> I was disorganized, boy did that suck!
>> Then my MessagePad got me unstuck
>> But I knew I was out of luck
>> The day the Newton died.
>> I started singin',
>> Chorus
>> Now for twenty years we've been on our own
>> And support from Apple is long gone,
>> But that's not how it used to be.
>> When Steve Jobs sang for Ellen and Gil
>> the whole Mac world seemed to stand still 
>> and Newton Inc. was humming happily.
>> When losses hurt Amelio,
>> Jobs grabbed the title "CEO".
>> The board room was replaced;
>> Then Gil left in disgrace.
>> And while Steve did Newton Inc. un-spin, 
>> He did his P.R. with a grin, 
>> And we felt the RDF kick in 
>> The day the Newton died.
>> We were singing,
>> Chorus
>> The Newton group was relaxing.
>> Development had been quite taxing;
>> The 2100 ready to go.
>> With Newton Inc.'s obvious fall,
>> they saw the writing on the wall,
>> that Steve Jobs at any time could blow.
>> When the CEO started talking trash,
>> then engineers left in a flash.
>> We all could smell a rat,
>> But the RDF quelled that.
>> And as Apple offered more RAM room
>> We saw an awful future loom
>> Do you recall the sense of doom,
>> The day that Newton died?
>> We started singing,
>> Chorus
>> None of us felt quite the same
>> when the day we dreaded finally came.
>> We wished Newton to again rise.
>> So, come on Apple, come on Steve,
>> grant Newton technology a reprieve.
>> But we just saw its slow demise.
>> And as I watched Steve take the stage
>> my hands were clenched in fists of rage.
>> Critics they all applauded;
>> We felt we were defrauded.
>> And as Newton burned into the night--
>> Such pain in the MessagePad's sad plight-
>> I saw Steve Jobs laughing with delight 
>> The day the Newton died.
>> He was singing,
>> Chorus
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