[NTLK] Just a silly montage I made

Abraham Limpo abraham at familialimpo.net
Wed Feb 21 06:53:16 EST 2018

Hiya Crowd

These days, while listening in loop to american pay to finally get the damn
rhythm, I had a silly idea about using Lou Reed's "perfect day" to showcase
the Assist capabilities of the newton.

Because the only newton I have that works fine is the emate and is slow as
hell, I quickly discarded to make it work at the same speed as the song -
also, it kept inviting someone called Drink Sangria to the park, so I ended
up modifiying the lyrics to fit the particularity of the Assistant.

You will have to forgive the quality of the video. It was like the fourth
attempt and I just wanted it out. To avoid reflecting the camera -and my
ugly mug- I had to set it up in a extreme angle from the left and then
apply a perspective effect to compensate it, so the right side is totally

In any case, I managed to get more or less what I wanted. If you feel I can
do something to improve on the video, suggest it and I may make a take two.


Have a perfect day,

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