[NTLK] Perfect day video.

Abraham Limpo abraham at familialimpo.net
Thu Feb 22 06:11:28 EST 2018

Hey Frank,

I’ve received a couple private replies with good suggestions. Mainly to
make it shorter, which I agree it would be a good thing.

The main problem is that the screen is absolutely reflective so is very
hard to do an approaching shot on the emate without showing yourself or the
surroundings. I’m thinking that next week I will “volunteer” a friend to do
the camera work and I’ll don a black mask or something.

Also, I’m thinking of having the text With the prewritten lyrics so I only
have to add the extra details that make the newton tick.

Finally, someone pointed me that my emate is out of date (it shows 1996).
Maybe I could set it up to year 1998. I haven’t found the patch that fixes
the date problem on emates so mine keeps resetting if I try to put the real



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