[NTLK] Three original unopened SER001 units for sale

NewtonTalk newtontalk at pda-soft.de
Tue May 1 19:07:53 EDT 2018

Hi folks,

I need to raise some cash for the eMate memory upgrade project because I
want to invest in this system:


This is why I will part with three unopened SER001 boards made by David. I
will sell them for what he used to sell them for, which I think is fair and
would set you back $42.50 including worldwide shipping. 


Add 6 bucks if you want insured shipping. Add 15 bucks plus the cost of
shipping to me and back if you want me to install it for you. It is,
however, really easy to do it yourself.

I will also add two of the screws required to fasten the SER001 to the

The packaging is currently sealed with a sticker, but if you want, I can
check the board under my microscope for soldering flaws. I doubt, though,
there will be any. Back when David sold those boards, I haven't heard of a
single complaint. All boards I've ever installed worked without a hitch.
However, I can install your board temporarily in one of my Newtons and test
it before I send it.

If you don't need a SER001 board, but anything else from the Newton or eMate
front, just ask. Chances are good that I have it and can live without it.
And I'll have to turn more than just three serial boards into cash to pay
for the system mentioned above.

Please drop me a line off-list if you are interested, and don't forget your
snail mail address.



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