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Florian Voigt florian.voigt at me.com
Thu May 3 15:12:11 EDT 2018

You can keep them, you can trash them. It really is up to you. With the advent of Auto-MDI-X it is no longer is necessary. The hardware on both ends takes care of that. That means even Windows can do it. Or whatever OS. Heck, you can even connect an old PowerBook to a new MacBook and it should work since the MacBook is Auto-MDI-X capable and should do the magic.

> Am 03.05.2018 um 20:00 schrieb Dennis Swaney <romad at mac.com>:
> Due to the highly knowledgeable people on this list, I figured I'd get an
> answer here fastest. As I'm packing up for a move, I was bagging & labeling
> the various cables I had stuck in the back of some drawers. I came across
> an Ethernet CAT-5 Crossover cable and was wondering if x-over cables are
> still used nowadays. IIRC, I had used this cable to connect two Macs
> together before the advent of WiFi. I also remember that the later Macs (G4
> and on?) no longer required the use of a x-over cable between two Macs but
> was wondering if you could still use one between newer Macs that have
> Ethernet ports?
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