[NTLK] eMate diagnostics card, k diags image

Victor Rehorst victor at chuma.org
Wed May 9 17:36:41 EDT 2018

For various reasons I stumbled across this 2013 post from Steve White, 
"Historical and Technical end of year treats": 

I hadn't read it before because I wasn't reading the list at the time.  
(I call this time of my life "the dark ages")

In this, Steve White describes that he obtained what appears to be a 
developers' edition of the "K Diagnostics Card" aka the eMate 
Diagnostics card.  Not knowing how else to do so, he dumped it out 
through the diagnostics software's own ROM Monitor and posted it to UNNA.

First of all, that's great, and neat, so I downloaded it to tinker.

Second of all, I can't find reference to anyone having done anything 
neat with it, like, say, attempt to boot its code in an emulator.  Has 
anyone?  I made a few very crude attempts but got nowhere.  I would 
suspect that I would need to execute the Newton OS ROM code to at least 
do some basic hardware init before jumping into this code.  Perhaps it's 
a REx on a card?

It appears to be a copy of all of the entire raw flash *data* portion of 
the card, that is, not including the CIS information. It's not a ROM 
image.  It's definitely *something*.  Running "strings" on the binary 
blob gives a lot of interesting output though.  My favourites are:

C Library vsn 4.01 [Sep  5 1996]
Q Romulator Detected
Q Romulator: Hammer Initialized
Booting a Q
Booting a K
Booting a K Prime

... wait, what?  I know a "Q" is a MessagePad 2000, and a "K" is an 
eMate, but what the heck is a "K Prime"?

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