[NTLK] A Newton story

Terence Griffin griffin at nist.gov
Wed Nov 21 09:54:01 EST 2018

Wait...I just want to be clear, to get it straight...

YOU have a TREEHOUSE! Awesome!

- Tere

On 11/21/2018 02:35 AM, sir iZaac wrote:
> My manager needed a printed copy of the hours I had worked over the past several weeks. Anticipating this request, I'd created a Works spreadsheet approximately 3 weeks prior. I asked where the plug is located and the printer's network name. Launched Works, printed it on the Apple LaserWriter, and handed to him within a few seconds. He was completely surprised and asked how I did it. I showed him my spreadsheet on the MP2K. He then asked if I could remove the labels and print it again. Within a few seconds I presented it without labels. Impressed, he wandered back to his office. I was paid in full the following week. (-:
> Newton Never Dies; It just gets it's batteries recharged.
> Mailed from my treehouse
> sir iZaac
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