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> Robert:
>> Re: [NTLK] Keyspan serial adaptor usa-28x driver with Mac OS
>> 	Sierra Success!
> I liked what you said about a better driver from Prolific, so I downloaded and installed it.
> But, when I attempted to updated my NCX to 302, at the end of the download, it gave me an "Update Error: The update is improperly signed.? . . . what do I have to sign?
> In addition, on my eMate 300, I can?t change the serial speed above 9600 (I don?t have an Extras app either).
> Any suggestions?
> Tom


    #1  I don’t remember if I received an “update error”,  when trying to install NCX302 because I didn’t have NCX, it was a new download from the internet from Newton Research site.
    #2  On the eMate “extras” is an internal icon on the eMate and “serial 115200” might be in the “extras”.  
    #3  Trash old “NC” and the new “NCX302” and start over?  Maybe other can chime in?



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