[NTLK] OEM Newton Getting Started PCMCIA card

"Piotrowski Paweł (Newton)" newton at indigi.co.uk
Thu Sep 6 15:52:30 EDT 2018


Can you take some photos of this card and show here?


> On 6 Sep 2018, at 01:16, Robert Serna <japecan at att.net> wrote:
>  I tried looking in the archives for this card and just didn’t get the right answers.  I put this card in H1000 and it comes back “the card you inserted cannot be read. 
> Do you want to completely erase this card”.?  The pcmcia slot works because I also have an OEM  2MB card that works in the slot.  So I put the card into the MP2100 
> and it said “this unformatted card is write protected.  to format the card remove it, unlock it, then reinsert the card”.  Anybody got it to work on their OS1 Newton?  

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