[NTLK] Followup on eMate memory upgrade board

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Fri Sep 7 08:25:11 EDT 2018

>>> http://www.pda-soft.de/common/img/hardware/eMate/em300/Unpopulated.jpg

>> Frank, I love that you have your own custom eMate bun-warmer!

> Love this as well. (In fact, you could probably sell devices in this

Same here. This thing has already saved me a lot of time. Time spent, for
example, on finding a cure for the infamous "factory calibration has been
lost" problem, which I found last night and, as usual, celebrated with too
much single malt.

It was a bad memory upgrade board that brought my eMate into this condition.
This is certain because I deliberately brought another eMate into the same
condition by installing the same memory upgrade board. It's really
reassuring to know that I needn't sacrifice one eMate mainboard per upgrade
board failure...
> eBunWarmerMate?

Maybe. That word is difficult to remember for old geezers like yours truly.
Any other suggestions?



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