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> Hmmm, I don?t have easy access to my stash, but I wonder if you?re overlooking the switch? They are really tiny, not much bigger than tip of a pin, in a little tiny slot along the edge near one of the corners on the end still visible when inserted.
> I don?t recall my start cards lacking a switch, but I never used any of the pre-2000 models.
> Hope it?s such a simple problem!
> B
> Robert Serna wrote:
>> Both Getting Started cards I have do not have write-protection switches?  
>> The back of my cards on the bottom right corner has ?649-0020-A?.  
> via cable from low-power MacBook lacking wireless devices,
> hence radiating no deadly EMR connectivity: see RadiateNot.Me;
> plus powered by non-radiating coaxial DC cable from utility shed
> where wall wart* EMR is indetectably far away
>                           *standard Apple shielded power supply = less emissions

  Thanks for the reply and I do have lot’s of linear memory pcmcia cards that do have the write protection switch, the 1mb and 2mb’s flash cards I have
also have a batteries for it too. 


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