[NTLK] Getting Started card

sirizaac sirizaac at gmail.com
Fri Sep 7 15:07:37 EDT 2018

>     sir iZaac,

> Well, long time no Newtoning :)  I sure do miss all those SNUG meeting we used to go to in SNJS.  I?m in New Mexico now.  Anyway thank you for 
your response to verify that  the ?> Getting Started? card does work.

You're welcome. 

> Did you have a write switch like some has stated?  Say hi to all the Newtonian's at the Cafe for me.

> Robert

> ------------------------------
Hola Roberto,

Attending SNUG with you was always  fun. 

As far as I can tell, Apple created a read-only card for the Getting Started programs, therefore, a write protect switch isn't provided.

I'll definitely say hi to everyone at the SNUG café. 

Hope things are going well in Nuevo México and keep an eye out for those heavy duty thunderstorms. (-:

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