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> Date: Fri, 7 Sep 2018 16:16 -0700
> From: "Forrest Buffenmyer" <newton_phoenix at mindspring.com>
> To: "NewtonTalk" <newtontalk at newtontalk.net>
> Subject: Re: [NTLK] NewtonTalk Digest, Vol 57, Issue 5
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> Robert:
> Did you Install MailV In the Internal storage area? Simon Bell recommends that, else the software will place the "Grip of Death" (his words) on any Storage card you have it installed on. Meaning, you'II have to re-insert the Card and re-eject it when you're told it's okay.
> As far as getting It to connect and work properly, all l can advise is to follow his instructions on Newton Research exactly. If you do that and it still doesn't work, go back and CAREFULLY check your input. There could be a added space in the email address, or similar errors. If it still fails, consider deleting the Profile (User Info) and starting over.
> Do you have the Debug Version? That one sends the output to a Notes file, although It didn't make much sense to me.
> I gave up on Voice Notes. I couldn't get the Informati?n I was Iooking for--turns out there is a Built-In Voice Recorder in the MP2100. In NOTES, select NEW and you'll be given the option for a Voice Recording.
> Good point on the on/off switch though.
> Mahalo,
> Forrest
> -- 
> (Proudly sent from my Newton Technology MP2100 using Mail V)

  First sorry for mistaken identites :), maybe I need to get away from digest mode regarding earthlink/mindspring. I need to check my NCX backup for that debugpkg. I did try both way
 internal/external memory for MailV and extra 12mb wasn’t enough because same message “application does not have enough memory available to do what you asked for”came back 
 and this time I used another Pretec card with 28mb available?????  One thing that I really like is that the MP2100 goes through everthing and I get that 3 dinging sound with the 
 message and then all disconnects nice and easy, no reset.I was looking at my server configuration for centurylink and saw that my Mp2100 was connected then I checked on activity 
 and saw that xmit/rcv packet had 2147483647 bytes which is over 2.15gb so could this be a problem?  Oh by the way one time I received this as a message “” 
 then I checked the ip address and it’s bluehost which is what newtontalk uses I think so that’s a good thing.


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