[NTLK] Leaky battery!

j thej at shaw.ca
Thu Sep 13 15:52:23 EDT 2018

I would open it up and wash it out with baking soda (a chemical base) to neutralize the acid. Scrub it with an old tooth brush too.
If the plastic stays together, then, Yes, keep it. There will likely be some discolouration inside.

I’ve cleaned up worse battery corrosion and it turned out fine.


> On Sep 13, 2018, at 12:25 PM, Steven Frank <stevenf at panic.com> wrote:
> Hi folks,
> Just pulled some Newton stuff out of storage and discovered I have a battery pack that's leaking / corroded pretty badly.  Couple pics:
> https://stevenf.com/gfx/mp2100-battery-leak-1.jpg <https://stevenf.com/gfx/mp2100-battery-leak-1.jpg>
> https://stevenf.com/gfx/mp2100-battery-leak-2.jpg <https://stevenf.com/gfx/mp2100-battery-leak-2.jpg>
> Fortunately this was not stored _in_ a Newton, just in the same box, so the Newton is fine.
> I have other, rebuilt packs I can use, and a battery sled, so this isn't going to ruin my day, but I'm wondering: is it worth trying to salvage the case plastics so it can be rebuilt, or is it just dangerous trash at this point?
> Steven
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