[NTLK] Siemens NotePhone

Sonny Hung sonnyhung at gmail.com
Fri Sep 14 19:45:44 EDT 2018

I need help in making a Siemens Notephone operational. Can anyone help?
Ron Dube


First thing to know is that there is an issue that Frank has mentioned regarding the NotePhone and that is that many of them have an issue with the handset. I have one and when the unit is in use the handset does not stay on-hook. It senses that it not like someone picked up the handset.

I tried to troubleshoot it but I could never figure it out. My understanding is that Frank doesn’t have an answer either to date. Hopefully Frank can update us on this issue.

The only thing you need to tell us is where are you located. If in the US I recall having to figure out the wiring to connect to the local telephone system. From what I recall I had to flip the middle two wires of the four wire cable used 8n the US. Of course I could be mistaken as my memory is a bit fuzzy. I made like 10+ cables just for fun back when I attempted to get the NotePhone working here in NYC, but I eventually gave up because of the issue with the handset. I was going to try and contact someone to try and figure out the issue but time and funds were lacking so I gave it up.


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