[NTLK] Remove the sticky skin of a 2000

Maury Estabrooks maurye at gmail.com
Thu Sep 20 16:12:45 EDT 2018


I have a 2000 and I was able to remove every spec of the rubber surface using Clorox Disinfectant Wipes and six hours of television. 

The television is simply for background noise. Start on a flat surface and rub a CDW in a tight circular motion. Keep at it. Work like a tattoo artist. Work in small areas with lots of like and wipe often. Place an old towel over your legs and the 2000 on top of the towel. 

Wipe your work area often. Do not allow the moisture/water from the CDW to run into the unit. I did this over the course of six hours just before bed time. I used an hour each night and really scrubbed the dickens out of the surface. It was tired after each cleaning session and went straight to bed. Same thing next night and repeat until you have every millimeter of coating off. 

But one container of CDW and see how it goes. I went through 3 of the large plastic containers. It has to be a labor of love or you will dread every minute after the first. 

Warning: I wiped off both the Newton logos on the surface of the 2000. It was a needed sacrifice. Also, the 2000 is slippery after the coating is gone. You will also leave many fingerprint marks. Find a microfiber cloth to wipe it down after use. You can troll through my Instagram pics to see some before and after shots under username: mobipics. Take your own before and after pics. 


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