[NTLK] Remove the sticky skin of a 2000

Chris Wright chriswright at gmx.net
Fri Sep 21 03:41:21 EDT 2018

When I’m wearing my other PDA hat, I collect Psions, of which a couple of models (the 3c and the 5) also have the rubberised coating.

The quick and easy way is to rub at it with nail varnish remover and soft cotton cloth. The rubber breaks down and then sticks to the cloth so you need to keep using clean areas of the cloth as more comes away. On the Psions the black plastic underneath looks pretty good, and because they’re more easily held and fondled the surface quickly assumes a shiny appearance.

It’s worth noting that the nail varnish remover may  have a detrimental effect on other plastics (the irda window for instance), so best to keep it away from anything other than the case.

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