[NTLK] Routine Poutine and Newton Love Notes

Noah Leon moosefuel at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 10:22:57 EDT 2018

> And Noah, now that you have made your superb film, it is not possible to imagine the world without it, as well.

Thank you Forrest!

I agree that all those Apple products were groundbreaking, and I own an iPad, iPhone, Mac, iPod, etc. also, but even today my Newton seems magical in a way that those other devices don’t quite, in that they are very useful, great devices full of great ideas, but when I sell one off or put it away out of disuse, I don’t pul it out again, fire it up, and use it the way that I do my Newton. I need all these newer devices to keep my business going and keep up with today’s world, but they seem noisy, complex and unfocused compared to the Newt.

It was such a pleasure to make the film, and looking back it was a rare opportunity to meet many people from the list. At the time of making the film I was really focussed on the logistics of it, the problems I had to solve to get it done, but looking back I’m so thankful for the rare opportunity I was given by the backers to take time to do something unusual and special. It was really great to meet a bunch of famous newtontalkers, to skip across the pond, and even to see people in the hired-out interviews who I couldn’t go visit. When I tell people the story about how I stayed at an urban campground in Paris (to save money) or borrowed a bicycle to ride around silicon valley or rode the Autobahn in Germany in Matthias' Tesla at 200kph, it seems like a different person did all that. 

I want to revive Pawel’s idea of doing a big meetup next year, or failing that the following one. This is a great community and I think it would really be worthwhile.

As of today, Love Notes to Newton has: 389 sales (including rentals crowdfunders and giveaways), raising $2421.16, 90% of which is going to bethematch.org <http://bethematch.org/> (Vimeo keeps 10%).

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