[NTLK] Remove the sticky skin of a 2000

Maury Estabrooks maurye at gmail.com
Fri Sep 21 10:33:18 EDT 2018

I did not understand why a Newt owner would want to re-coat after a de-coat of the rubberized surface. I believe it is because that is the tactile feel one is used to. 

I am a new Newt owner. My first tactile experiences with the 2000 was sticky to the touch. It was also ugly in appearance. I worked diligently to remove both. 

I love the tactile feel of the smooth green plastic post de-rubberizing it. The gentle curves. The weight. The beautiful pearl like green color. 

Another owner may love the rubberized tactile feel. I honestly don’t know that. I haven’t handled another 2000 without it holding me in return. 

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