[NTLK] UNNA Status?

Forrest newton_phoenix at mindspring.com
Sat Sep 22 17:27:49 EDT 2018


Yeah I don’t get it either. But I really did type the words “United Network of Newton Archives” into a Google search box, a link with UNNA came up and I clicked on it.

Then, I was on the UNNA site! I downloaded several packages whilst I was there. This was not just one day, but over the course of several.

Honest. This really happened. I have the packages installed on the Newton to prove it, I wasn’t dreaming.

I know that sounds crazy. Certainly, I would think you of all people would know if the site was up or not.

Do you have a way to look at DNS numbers or some way to track visitors?

Does it help that the text on the title page said it “was graciously hosted by the good people at Dillernet”?

No I’m not crazy. At least, not where this is concerned.


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> On Sep 21, 2018, at 7:28 AM, Morgan Aldridge <morgant at makkintosshu.com> wrote:
> Unfortunately, unless one of the mirrors was still up recently, it's not
> possible that any of the main UNNA.org site was within the last month or
> two. Forrest, you're making me worry for your sanity, but I'll give you the
> benefit of the doubt and assume it was just a very vivid dream!
> That said, I've been testing various methods necessary to split the
> Subversion code repository into multiple Git repositories and expect to do
> that within in a few weeks (for better or worse, I've been out of town a
> lot lately for family & business). That's the primary hurdle for moving
> forward with completing the migration to new servers and to getting
> mirroring going again.
> My apologies to all for the insanely long downtime,
> Morgan
>> On Thu, Sep 20, 2018 at 17:36 Forrest <newton_phoenix at mindspring.com> wrote:
>> It’s back up. I downloaded some things over the weekend.
>> Some of the features aren’t functional, otherwise it’s okay. It’s being
>> hosted by Dillernet I think.
>> UPDATE: now, as I go there to check on the web hosting, I see that it is
>> down again. *sigh*
>> I’m not delusional. It WAS up. Honest. Really. ;-)
>> Mahalo,
>> Forrest
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>>> On Sep 20, 2018, at 1:06 PM, Dennis Swaney <romad at nvwisp.com> wrote:
>>> Morgan, when do you think UNNA will be back up? I'd like to upload some
>>> more Catamount Software Newton titles.
>>> Sincerely,
>>> Dennis B. Swaney
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