[NTLK] Newton Connection Tools 1.1

Gordon Stuart id4 at aapt.net.au
Fri Sep 28 03:27:22 EDT 2018

Hi Dan. Thanks for the link - unfortunately the link to the file on this
page is dead.

I emailed Andy Galluzzi and asked if he was able to provide the file and his
reply is as follows: 

Hello Gordon,

Thanks for your interest. 
I'm afraid I'm not supporting Newton Connection Tools any more. 
There is no other place I've put the software.
There is an issue with the hosting and they are unable to bring down the web
site, I'm sorry for the inconvenience.

Best regards,

On 13 April I sent another email:
Hi Andy
Thank you for replying.
I don't know whether this is asking too much - I love the Newton and just
wish to see it survive.
I know you made this program's use as donation ware to UNNA - would it be OK
if I ask if anyone on NewtonTalk has a copy?
As for activation could this be handed over to someone on UNNA - I would
even be happy to provide my time to administer this if no one wants to do
Thank you for your consideration

Hi Reply was as follows:

Hello Gordon. 

You are right, this software was donation ware to UNNA, because I was in
love with the Newton as well and wanted to give back something to this
amazing Newton community. But looking at it now, I believe that doing it
donation ware to UNNA was a mistake. It would have been better to use the
money to improve the product and have it updated by now. NCT needs some
changes and updates to run on Windows 10 and I don't have the time to spend
on it. Neither do I want to share it for free. I'm sorry, Gordon. This was a
passionate project, but it has no way paid for its development. 

I don't event believe that we could be able to create a Kickstarter or
Indiegogo campaign  to raise money to update it and start selling it again.
It's a wonderful product with an amazing number of features, from local disk
package scanning, installation of remote packages, package inspection and
NewtonScript extraction, installation pipe, remote keyboard and COM
interface so you can use it from any language on Windows. It also has tools
that allows it to intercept Windows serial port and decode Newton connection
or even Newton Toolkit. 

I deeply appreciate the effort made by those who paid or donate for the
product, and that's the reason I'll never release it for free.

But there is also a huge development for Newton in Mac, and I understand
that it's mostly free, including Einstein emulator.
I believe that if you are serious about Newton, you'll better use a Mac for

I don't have a Newton Connection Tools setup at hand, I have to search for
it. But anyway, I can't provide you a license, because I can't support it. 
I'm sorry I can't help you more.

Have a nice day,

I was going to try to pursue this further but circumstances at the time
prevented me from doing so.

There there may be an opportunity for the members to assist UNNA to bring
back this software - I would be willing to help where I can.



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