[NTLK] Jr. Build Cost

Grant Hutchinson grant at splorp.com
Wed Apr 3 21:53:10 EDT 2019

> This will be last upload for a little while. I'm going back through all the data and will start cataloging along the way.
> Grant, hopefully we can fill in some missing data and update the Glossary along the way.

Woo! Looking forward to that.

> I believe my previous attempt was thwarted when I attached the slides to the email, not as link.

Yes, the list is configured to strip all attachments.

> Lastly, apologies for the poor quality in advance. It's still a work in progress coming from software that no longer exisits to the present.

What software are you referring to? I might have a copy in my archives ... and I definitely have the hardware to run it on.


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