[NTLK] Printing to PDF?

Martin Ossio martinossio at yahoo.com
Mon Apr 8 08:43:57 EDT 2019

Hello Everyone!
In my quest to bring my Newton to 2020, persuade friends to start using their Newtons actively again (and my secret desire to bring a whole new Legion of new Virtual Newton users, via Samsung Notes and similar, thanks to Einstein Newton emulator), one of the main advantages of the Newton, is the ability to produce incredible things for printing. 
I think it would be useful to print to PDF, to be send by email later by other means.
Does anyone found a solution for printing to PDF?
Since I found LPR printing drivers for Newton, I have been looking for LPR to PDF server, as a mean of trying to make PDFs with my Newton. (I have not found one yet, but hopefully I might) (I have only Intel Macs / Virtual PC for now).
Maybe there is another proven way?
Thanks a million!

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