[NTLK] Printing to PDF?

Martin Ossio martinossio at yahoo.com
Tue Apr 9 17:18:39 EDT 2019

Hey Grant!
Thanks for your tip!
I have checked and it needs to send to send text via email, but unfortunately I cannot send emails yet from my Newton.
I am trying Simple Mail with a Marisa provided email account, but it cannot send emails yet.
One nice thing that one can do with a Newton, is making complex documents, that mix text and drawings in the same page. And other very interesting reports.
It would be great to make PDFs out of them!
Its complex print layouts really sets aside the Newton from other current mobile offerings! It way more futuristic and PC / Mac like!
You can see a preview of the printing with the preview button before printing.
It really great!

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  On Tue, Apr 9, 2019 at 3:06 PM, Grant Hutchinson<newtontalkmessages at gmail.com> wrote:   Hey Martin.

> I think it would be useful to print to PDF, to be send by email later by other means.
> Does anyone found a solution for printing to PDF?

There’s a service called pdfconvert.me that might do the trick. I haven’t tried it using my Newton, but I don’t see any reason why this wouldn’t work. They provide a number of options and can even send to an alternate email address.




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