[NTLK] Love Notes to Newton

Noah Leon moosefuel at gmail.com
Wed Apr 10 21:18:22 EDT 2019

> I have written to Woz,

Thanks Martin, that could be really fun. 

I’ve met Woz very briefly once before, he gave a talk at my old University. I brought my Apple II and he signed it for me. He asked if he could keep the sharpie I had brought for the occasion so he could sign some more stuff. Such a great guy.

As to the question about an extended cut, I don’t have time at the moment and am behind schedule in all areas of life, but the entire raw footage of the film may or may not have made it to an anonymous destination, someone on the list, so who knows what might leak out to members of Newtontalk in the future. And if I have time, I will put something together. Note also that there are a few “extras” which appear on the Vimeo page if you have purchased the film. Deleted clips, mostly.

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