[NTLK] Newton Printing to PDF? -> YES!

Martin Ossio martinossio at yahoo.com
Thu Apr 11 23:02:05 EDT 2019

Hi Everyone,

Sylvain, thanks for sharing such nice NeXT memories!!
I always admired NeXT Display Postscript concept as the means for a perfect WYSIWYG !
My best friend Jose-Carlos Mariátegui now lives a bit further… (he still has a working one).

Raspberry seems a great idea!

I remember that printing to a LaserWriter from my Newton rendered the best result, so your solution is the best for Maximum render quality.

I am afraid my LPR TCP IP proposed method (via Newton’s LPR driver) might resolve in more pixelated, non-postscript PDF render probably.

I will start looking for my original Airport Base. I hope it works!  (will other Airport Express work also?)

I was thinking to have initially a LPR TCP IP printer server running on Mac or Windows, for Newton to Print to it.
Then, as a second stage, trying to somehow build one on Android for running on Newton for Einstein compatibility.

Maybe after the PDF is made, mail it from there (or print it if needed), or from a Newton-Controlled-underTheRug-Transparent-invisible-Background-Android-email-sender, to circumvent any possible current limitations (I am also trying to build a SMTP server compatible with Simple Mail (currently exploring to take SSL out of Haraka)). 

At least this is the original plan to get it working as soon as posible, before a better, more definite Newton done solution is made.

Thanks and Good Luck with your advances!
I believe it is a great one!
I look forward for trying it!


> How is it going?
> It's very simple, we use the Print function of the Newton, in the printer selector we choose (the first time) the network printer (LaserWritter) shared by the Rpi (Raspberry). Choosing LaserWritter is mandatory, so that the Newton can send the data in the correct format. The Rpi receives the print, and converts the print directly to PDF. Then makes available in a shared folder on the Rpi (or elsewhere on your network if you have a NAS for example).
> Et voilà!
> But as I said, I still have some adjustments to make because for the moment, for example, each new PDF overwrites the previous one in the folder! Then I'll have to clean it up and simplify the installation procedure for everything that's necessary, and the settings.
> When all this is ready, I will make a short video and an article to explain everything in detail.
> See you soon…
> Sylvain Pilet

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