[NTLK] Digital Newton Valet Companion App

Martin Ossio martinossio at yahoo.com
Fri Apr 12 08:56:07 EDT 2019

Hi Everyone!

One possible way to make Newton to the year 2020 faster and forever future standards, could reside on making a mobile companion app for the Newton (I am starting looking into it, Android first for Einstein and pen reasons), that communicates with Newton in the ways Newton needs, and serves as a bridge to current and future standards.

For example, for mailing:

This app acts a very Newton Friendly server, posing as ‘the server’ for gmail to the Newton for example. This Android companion Valet app receives the email from Simple Mail from a Newton, in a very Newton Friendly way (AUTH LOGIN <username> in the same line!), and retransmits what Newton wants to email to the actual Gmail Server, using SSL or anything new needed. This can work with hotmail, or yahoo or any server needed.

I have already written first to people that are currently doing Android email servers for this possibility, before looking into Android programmers with no previous email server experience.

For printing:

It could act as network printer (hopefully LaserWriter, LPR for now probably, for having the source code reasons), and it will print to any new standard (or making PDFs).

For Internet Web:

Maybe a sort of proxy that connects to everything via SSL and gives it to the Newton without SSL and maybe pre-processed for easier Newton Rendering.

For the rest:

Maybe even share GPS data? Or whatever is new :)

While I can only conceive this mobile app actually needing a smartphone, I have been going back from iWatch to an Android Wear OS watch and installed an Web Browser to it, to see photos of Dogs (my 1 year old daughter love photos of dogs), but if it is browsing Google Images for them, probably is handling well today encryptions, so in a no-so-distant feature, maybe it could handle these encryptions things directly in watch for our Newtons, without an actual mobile?  

And finally, if this Mobile Android Wear thing looks like a mini-raspberry-pi, maybe, it could end up in InternetOfThing Android-small-thing that could fit inside a PCMCIA or some other small fitting thing, inside actual Newtons?
I remember there is actually an Android version for these Internet-Of-Things things from some of the Tech conferences I attend.

I think current technology makes the future look very bright green for Newton and full of new options!!



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