Forrest newton_phoenix at mindspring.com
Wed Apr 17 04:52:24 EDT 2019

I have several searches set up on eBay for various hard-to-find items; one of these is a Data General One laptop and parts, circa 1984.

This was my first laptop; purchased in May 1998 at a secondhand store in Parker, AZ for $100, IIRC. I loved this device, although I struggled with its usage at first. I’m always looking for parts, etc. I also have a Data General One Model 2T, which features a hard (“fixed”) drive and backlit display.

Anyway, yesterday this search picked up this guy: a Data Rover 840 (I’m certain based on the word “data” in the search criteria).


Who out there is familiar with this model? (I’d bet Grant has about 3—🤔😉 just kidding! I have a small device/PDA collection, but nowhere near as impressive as yours.)

Listed as NOS in excellent condition for $199.


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