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Yes I can confirm that NuShield screen protectors are NON-adhesive.

I had purchased several some years ago  (they are sold in packs of 3, I believe) and was initially pleased with them. However, I soon removed it from my MP2100, for reasons counter to one might believe—there was *too much* movement, especially in attempts made at cleaning the screen.

The product does fit between the display surface and its frame—it’s not a perfect rectangle, the top and bottom are a bit bigger than the Newton’s, so you have to gently bend or “bow” it for installation—but I recall my biggest concern was, would it cause the Jaggies?

You can look up that word in Grant’s excellent Newton Glossary (https://newtonglossary.com/terms/jaggies)—basically it’s when a significant amount of dirt and dust get between the display frame and display, or the display connector inside becomes fouled. The result is that an attempt to write on the display—often near its edges—causes a jagged line, like a lightning bolt—to appear (hence the name); also random lines may show up.

In many cases there is no cure, and the machine is rendered useless or, at best, severely handicapped. Attempts can be made to disassemble and clean the affected areas, but often this doesn’t work, in my experience. (I sold a prized OMP with the Jaggies because I could not cure the affliction.)


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> I wonder if anyone can tell me where I can get screen protectors for my MessagePad 2000.  I looked into NuShield and Write Write bit I think they all are adhesive they don’t “float” on the screen.  Anyone know where we can buy any and what would be the options? Ie) those that have good clarity or those that feel like paper?
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