[NTLK] Everything we need.... we still have!!

Martin Ossio martinossio at yahoo.com
Sun Apr 28 21:37:21 EDT 2019

Hi everyone!

The best Newtons minds!!
We collectively have some money!
They say, all you need is Love, we also have it for our Newtons!

I have just came to realize we have absolutely everything we could posible need to accomplish anything that might be needed!

In an Angular meeting in Google in Mountain View, I met Mark. He used to work at Apple.
He told me, he still  had the structure of an old HyperCard file structure, that could be handy for my startup.

I have just realized, that in the case of the Newton, we actually have even more: whatever we need to fix about everything!!!
(It would be great to do things, while we still do have it all).

Including the best Newton programmers, the people that build the Newton, people that made the language, people that hacked it for the better (Y2010 problem), We have EVERYTHING :)

(Thanks Noah for getting the Big Picture about this).

We all love the Newton, and if we set the first goals, plus some other things (like more the people that can do it), we can modernize all the important missing bits!!!

Of course, more time for these people would be needed.
And usually a bit more time, than their regular free time, could mean resetting priorities and possible financing this extra time by all interested parties.

So they say, all you need is Love…. lets add KickStarter-like money to it, and maybe we can have all our Newton Dreams come true :)

Maybe we could set a wish list, maybe NewtonCity.org <http://newtoncity.org/> can help us with a poll, to see which could be the priorities (print/email to PDF, or Android companion for emailing to everything, Calendar Syncs, Meetings, and all else app, or whatever people vote), and we could micro-finance it through !!  (or if not, I could make a Google Forms survey)

It will be a great story if we all did something together to bring our Newtons (in all forms) to work smoothly for the year 2020 and beyond!!

Let's start with one simple aim.
Let's vote all in what it could be.

Collectively we are probably bigger that one might think!

I hope you like this idea :)
If you do, please let me know,



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