[NTLK] Will newton survive the 2038 epocholypse

Donna Momorella gabey8 at aol.com
Mon Apr 29 10:46:35 EDT 2019

I have an eMate that doesn't like the year 2019. Is there a download out there that fixes it, or do I just find an acceptable year that's on the same schedule as this year and pretend the date is 2019? :-)

There is also a 2100 in my near future (thank you, eBay) so whatever solutions work for the one, I presume will work for the other. Donna
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 Hi Rufus,
Newton will be ready!!Actually we will have one hiccup on 2026, as we did on 2010, and I hope we could find a permanent solution eventually :)
    On Monday, April 29, 2019, 3:12:11 AM GMT-5, Rufus Kohn <rufuskohn at gmail.com> wrote:  
 Reading this article
I was thinking how cool it would be it the newton was ready for the 2038
unix millennium bug setting time back to 1 January 1970.



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