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> Thanks Laurence on your suggestions!
> About modern web:   Have you seen Puffin Browser?
> I Love Puffin browser, because it is always hyper-fast and allows me access the web first  on moments where everyone wants to access a Site at the same time, for the same reason, and when the internet is slow, and the site is big?.
> Its magic is done by having everything rendered in a hyper-connected cloud server, that does all the heavy duty stuff in an incredibly fast internet, and delivering the end result, to one's slow mobile with a slow connection situation.
> Their web is:  https://www.puffinbrowser.com <https://www.puffinbrowser.com/>
> This approach seems to be a way for the Newton OS to gets its modern web surfing:
> Either we convince them to make a special version for the Newton, or make an Android web renderer, that does everything natively (in Android, or iOS), and sends the result in perfect, grayscale when available, version for the Newton.
> I have already written to them on the possibility to help to make a Newton version.
> Of course the Newton bit part, would need help from the community (or Newton Web app programmers).
> Or take the idea, and have Newton access the web thru an Android app that pre-renders everything and just sends the compact result to it, just as the Puffin Cloud servers do, only that in this case, it would have to by done locally, behind the scenes, and delivered to the Newton.
> BYW:  For their mobile apps, the charged only once, but for Macs, they have other ways. At least the that?s the way I bought them for my Android and iOS.

providing access to their proxy server would be the simplest approach.

I had done some work with these over the years in Newt’s Cape.
early on (pre NOS 2.0) it was even possible to request web pages via an email proxy!

later, there have been a series of web proxy servers;
I describe the latest proxies that worked (loband and googlelight) about 1-1/2 years ago when I last had time to play with Newt’s Cape on my MP  (see “Access Sites and Pages” #3. Mobile HTML Transcoder uses a Proxy server)
	https://communicrossings.com/newton-messagepad#conn <https://communicrossings.com/newton-messagepad#conn>

Newt’s Cape also has a proxy server setting, which would make things quite transparent; if it worked, that would be cool.
	https://communicrossings.com/html/newton/newtscape/docs/userintf.htm#Proxy <https://communicrossings.com/html/newton/newtscape/docs/userintf.htm#Proxy>


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