[NTLK] Building Einstein

Keith McComb kinsfire at earthlink.net
Tue Apr 30 14:51:32 EDT 2019

Are there more recent instructions for building the Einstein emulator 
for Android and also for iOS? I'm following what the github Build 
instructions, but it is nowhere as cut-and-dried as they hint. For 
example, the Android instructions tell you to clone the github to your 
machine, then open the _Build_/AndroidStudio. It appears to load the 
project, but there is certainly no Run option, the way that the Build 
says there should be.

And the hassles getting Xcode to generate an app? I shudder to remember 
how many HOURS I spent yesterday looking up that info. Ended up with a 
nifty app that opens and then closes (yet continues to run a blank 
screen in the background). I moved the ROM and REX files the way I was 
supposed to, and the concept of a working Einstein still eludes me...

More than anything, it's frustration. Any help would be appreciated, though.

Keith McComb

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