[NTLK] eMate manufacturing menu ?

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Wed Jan 2 18:08:24 EST 2019

> On Jan 1, 2019, at 1:14 PM, Aaron H <online at atomiciguana.com> wrote:
> After repairing (or at least attempting as much) one, it worked fine. It was in 'student' mode, and I didn't have the password. I did a hard reset (brain wipe), and somehow ended up in "Manufacturing Menu 1.3.4" with some various diagnostic tests.
> I really don't know if I was holding down a key or something on reboot, but a quick google of eMate Manufacturing Menu doesn't reveal much...any one know how to get into this mode on an emate?

You’ve stumbled across the seldom seen (and difficult to access) Diagnostic Mode built into most Newton hardware. I’ve only ever heard of this mode on earlier devices, such as the OMP and MP1x0 series. There’s no reason why it wouldn’t also exist on the eMate.

Frank Gründel has documented the Diagnostic Mode on the MP120/130 here:


Does the menu shown near the bottom of this article look similar to the one that appeared on your eMate?



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