[NTLK] eMate manufacturing menu ?

Steve White stepwhite at gmail.com
Wed Jan 2 22:52:01 EST 2019

This looks like K-Diags, which can be ran from PCMCIA card or embedded into the device’s internal flash.  On the screenshot here on Imgur, “IMAGE TO PCMCIA” copies K-Diags onto a PCMCIA flash card.  “IMAGE TO FLASH” copies it onto the device’s internal flash.  

If you’d like to make a copy of it to run on other eMates, insert a PCMCIA flash card, tap “IMAGE TO PCMCIA”.  It’ll either beep immediately because it doesn’t like the card - or it’ll churn for a minute, after which you can eject the card.   If you power off another eMate (remove battery / AC), insert the card, and then apply power that eMate should then boot into K-Diags.

I believe Frank Gruendel has had success using K-Diags to repair some wonky eMates.

My collection of K-Diags related photos:



> Very much so. I've posted the only two pics I took here: https://imgur.com/6wHHYmA
> I tapped on 'LCD Unit Test' and there were a few different test patterns on the screen. Then I tapped on Main Board Test and the screen displayed a few messages. (like you can see in that second pic, a 'New' which seemed to be "what's happening now" and an "Old" which seemed to be the last thing that started. 
> But as you can see on the second image, there was a message about erasing flash...this was on the screen for over 20 minutes and everything was unresponsive. 
> I got nervous and restarted the eMate and it booted normally. 
> All in all, not a thrilling tale, but still, interesting to find something new (or at least rare) by sheer accident!
> -Aaron. 

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