[NTLK] Sharp PI-7000 ExpertPad

Maury Estabrooks maurye at gmail.com
Sat Jan 5 00:44:08 EST 2019

I bought a Sharp PI-7000 Expert Pad on eBay recently. It is missing the battery holder. It did power on with the eMate power supply. The sole added program is ACT v1.0 by Symantec along with the stock apps under NOS 1.10.

I finished reading Defying Gravity a day before the PI-7000 arrived. It was interesting reading about the Sharp involvement in the final pages. 

I really enjoyed reading how Steve Capps continued tinkering with the NOS until the final hours before releasing it. I ate mini Reese cups reading how Capps and crew did the same in the final days of coding. 

This newt clone came with a small 7.5V third party solar charger and nylon case. I haven’t plugged it in. I am waiting for sun to set it up and meter the output first. 

The Sharp did come with all of the documentation. I am likely going to scan the docs. I just need a location to post them. Is there a recommended repository other than archive.org? I do enjoy the work of the internet archive. 

Does anyone else have an Expert Pad in their collection?

Maury Estabrooks 
Southern California

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