[NTLK] Maybe looking for a nice MP130

tim at aaack.org tim at aaack.org
Tue Jan 15 14:10:09 EST 2019


I left my trusty 2000-converted-to-2100 on an airplane a couple of
years ago.  Since then I have tried using a Filofax to stay
organized, but it hasn't been as smooth as the Newton was.

I had an MP130 before my 2100 (circa 2007-2009), and I liked the form
factor and the ease of using AA batteries and the built-in serial
port.  I no longer have that one, as I gave it back to my former boss
who had originally given it to me.

I'm wondering if it would be worth getting an MP130 again.  Was there
ever a Y201x fix for MP130 and OS 2.0 (pardon me if I'm not
remembering facts correctly)?  If so, was it of the sort that power
loss would lose the fix or make alarms & calendars icky?  Or could an
MP130 still be a trusty tool today?

I was given a Newton Technologies MP2100 by a former coworker.  It is
only usable while connected to power, because I do not have a battery
tray.  I also don't have a serial dongle.  (Of course, I had both of
those things for my old Newton I left on the airplane).  If an MP130
would be usable these days for calendaring and notes, I wonder if
someone would be willing to trade...?


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