[NTLK] Newton 2100 boot issue - apparently resolved

Michael Neville michael.neville at gmail.com
Thu Jan 17 13:52:48 EST 2019

Definitely good to know. Thank you!!

On Thu, Jan 17, 2019 at 12:25 PM Gene Beaird <bgbeaird at sbcglobal.net> wrote:

> I just wanted to post this in case someone has the same issues with their
> MP2100.  Since the rechargeable battery packs have become little more than
> ballast, I’ve started using Energizer AAs.  They don’t seem to last as
> long, but that’s okay, since I’m mostly just keeping them running.  I have
> three sets of batteries for our 2 Newts, so just check, and swap out, as
> appropriate.
> One day, I tried to boot my Newt to see what the charge level was, and it
> refused to boot.  I plugged it into the power supply and tried.  Nothing.
> I pulled the battery pack out and tried with it just bing plugged in.
> Nothing.  I tried the old rechargeable Newton pack, and still nothing.  I
> even tried a hard reset.
> Reading previous similar posts here, I pulled the battery pack, power
> supply, and just set it on the shelf for a while.  I figured the next step
> would be to pull the cards and try again, if this failed.
> Well, that turned out to be more than a week.  Today, I plugged the power
> supply in to it, and powered it right up!  :-D. I successfully-swapped in
> the rechargeable battery pack, and it now seems back to normal.
> I just wanted to post this, in case someone else has similar issues.  You
> may be able to resolve it by just leaving the thing sitting on a shelf with
> no battery or external power connected to it for a while.  It’s certainly
> worth trying.
> Thank you.
> Gene Beaird,
> Pearland, Texas
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