[NTLK] Newton Protest 1998 Photos

Gene Beaird bgbeaird at sbcglobal.net
Fri Jan 25 14:15:24 EST 2019

Interesting note, I think.  We had a datalogging setup for our autocross race car that would record data on Palm Pilots, so we had one in the car for each run.  We went through three Palms before the datalogging device itself quit working, so we had to move on.  The Palms would just quit booting up.  Granted, they were in hot/cold/wet/dry/high-vibration environments, but they were supposed to be solid-state.  

While all this was going on, we recorded other info, like car setup, weather, times, etc., on our Newton 2100’s.  They didn’t experience the harsh rides in the car, but they did get exposed to direct sunlight/weather when we were recording things.  

Those Newtons still run.  The Palms, though……


Gene Beaird,
Pearland, Texas

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> They all died.
> https://www.wired.com/1998/03/newton-developers-gather-to-mourn/
> ?As for where they'd go, most in attendance said they'd end up at the companies that helped put the Newton out of business. Said Adam Tow, event organizer and president of the Newton Developer Association, "Apple used to be our partners; now we see them as competitors. We have to look out for ourselves and survive - which means moving to new platforms like PalmPilot or CE."
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