[NTLK] Working ColourClassic

Christoph newtonhonk at posteo.de
Tue Jan 29 14:14:30 EST 2019

Dear Newton Friends,

Sorry about this mail, but I just want to share my overwhelming joy.

Since the weekend I have a Colour Classic. Today I managed to install macOS 7 thanks to a ZIP drive. The Newton Backup Utility also installed without problems from floppy disk. So now I am syncing the 130 with this sweet box. 

Here is a picture:
https://newtonhonk.de/upload/colourclassic.jpg <https://newtonhonk.de/upload/colourclassic.jpg>

Cheers Christoph

PS: Ich habe mein Foto etwas geschummelt, damit der Bildschirm besser zu sehen ist. 


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