[NTLK] Building Einstein

Martin Ossio martinossio at yahoo.com
Wed May 1 23:47:43 EDT 2019

Hi Peter,

> Is anyone on the list using Einstein on a day-to-day basis as opposed to an
> experiment?

Yes I have!

I though it was a standard version Einstein.
And that everything went hyper-fast because of the equipment I was running with it.

How delusional I was!!!!!

It had nothing to do with the equipment!
It had to do with the strange version I was using!
It is an Internet Capable version.

To make it useful for everyday, I found a way to send emails out of it (its on NewtonCity.org <http://newtoncity.org/>).
It uses a fixed set of servers for now.

It was a real joy to use.
I could not emphasize enough how fast it runs.

I cannot use the MP 2000 I have just received, since I have no cable, no Wifi Card yet, and resets its self...
I am bidding to a MP 2100 with a WifiCard :)
There is no discernible speed difference (at least to me in the few things I could test) with my MP 2000.

The Einstein I have been using has an animal icon, instead of regular real-Einstein-photo icon.

But the most bizarre thing happened to me today:  

I decided to dive into Android Studio and build myself the oficial Einstein current version from the GitHub.

It is probably my fault, because I did not knew how to remove all Debuging intentions, but the app produced HYPER-Slow.
And fat!!   8 MB, while the Hyper-Light-Speed-Fast version I use, its just 1.6 MB.

I thought that speed was because the Android Einteins was running on a Note 9. IT HAD NOTHING TO DO WITH IT.
The speed was so, so, so, so slow, with this version, that I don’t think I can recommend it for everyday use.

But the hyper-fast version I had been using (while it did not have sounds), was a joy to use, and perfect for everyday use.

So, I found a Matthias released version, and April 2019 version, that does have wonderful sounds (90% of them, but the most important one are there, like erasing and Deleting :) and nearly as fast a the no-sound-version)

But, somehow, the menu that allowed to insert a Network Card for sending email is Gone!
I am sure it might have been moved some place I do not know.

Can someone please help me to find the “insert NetworkCard” option?
(Or how to make a fast version out of the GitHub?)

Without the Network option, there are no emails.

Yet, on a side note, One can use BOTH Einsteins. AND share the same Newton content.
So for everyday use, I could use both  (one with sounds, and the other one with Internet).

Which, quite frankly I don’t recommend if you don’t make regular backups of the ‘flash’ file, that has the entire content of the Newton.
This is because, if you mistakenly open both, this only content can get scramble forever, and you would just have to copy a backup.
(Since it is a small file, it is very fast to do so).

But, remember that the only way to close one Einstein, is to Force Quit it to be sure.

It would be nice to have both capabilities in one! (Sound + Internet).
(Or to know were this Network option went in the sound version)
(Or maybe its just not compatible with Note 9?)

I hope this helped!
(and I hope someone know better and can help me too!)



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