[NTLK] Newton-Internal-WiFi (request to buy)

Martin Ossio martinossio at yahoo.com
Fri May 3 01:02:30 EDT 2019

Hi Paweł!

Thank you very much!
 I have read your wonderful article!

I loved the table you did with all the Wifi Cards and Router combinations!
It will come handy me and to anyone that wants to do wireless!

I am look for now an internal WiFi module sold inside a Newton 2100 (or upgraded 2000).
I would try to buy both together (internet WiFi module already soldered inside a new Newton).

I could not buy them separate, since I am not good at soldering.

I have just been given a couple of Newtons, by a friend who stopped using them after the Y2010 problem, an MP2000 (no backlight, bad battery compartment, non-mobile (case for 8 AA bateries is not enough, since it resets after medium/heavy use) and a MP 130 (not turning on, with the screen a bit expanded). (Will try to fix the MP2000, and give it back with all things solved!)

So I am looking to buy, as new as possible, a new Newton for me, preferably with an internal WiFi module already installed to use as my primary Device. A good working Backlight would be handy!

I had read about some places, like NewtonSales, that they used to do things like this.
I have written to them, but I have not have a reply.

 So I was wondering if there is a place, or a person, I could rely to sell me a Newton with this internal Wifi module already installed.

Best regards,


PS: Thanks for so many things! Like the Newton User’s map. 

Does it still accepting new Newton Users?  

I am now in Miraflores, Lima, Peru, South America.
Although tomorrow I will be in Manhattan, NYC, zip code NY 10022, where I have a permanent place too. (Although in NY one never knows for how long is permanent).

I think it would be nice to conquer a spot in the Big Apple, with Apple’s greatest apple ever:  a Newton!

> I’m not sure if you asking for internal WiFi module or normal PCMCIA WiFi card.
> If you asking for PCMCIA card, you can find information in article I wrote in past: http://applenewton.co.uk/2018/04/22/wifi-connection-setup-for-newton-2x00-and-emate-300/ <http://applenewton.co.uk/2018/04/22/wifi-connection-setup-for-newton-2x00-and-emate-300/>
> At the end of the article you can find some useful information about my experience. Long story short: manual IP, no encryption.
> If you looking for WiFi card working with Newton, you can also find list of cards in this article and then buy that card on eBay.
> Best regards,
> Pawel Piotrowski
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