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Here is a working link for the ATA drivers at an unna mirror:
I hope it helps!

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> I also got a PCMCIA SD adapter with an SD card. The Newton is telling
> me something is wrong with the SD card when I insert it.. Is there
> something I need to do with new cards before the Newton will
> recognize them?

The PCMCIA SD card adapters are essentially ATA cards, rather than the
linear cards the Newton OS expects.

Thus, in order to use them, you need to install the Paul Guyot's ATA
Driver software beforehand onto the internal memory. While that works
well, it was a bit slow for me on the eMate, but very well in the

Sadly I have lost the link to the software but it is likely on UNNA or
Paul Guyot's website, or maybe someone from the list can chime in on

- Ak.R.

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